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Welcome to Pest Control Cornwall

Welcome to Pest Control Cornwall, your all-in-one and on your doorstep solution to all pest control problems, issues and concerns – Open 7.30am-6pm Monday - Friday & 9am-1pm Saturdays!

Insects, birds and animals live all around us; in fact, without them our ecosystems would cease to exist. However, due to weather, the built environment and our lifestyles, an imbalance can occur meaning some of these insects, birds and animals can become an unwelcome nuisance.

Not only are infestations or uncontrollable and unwelcome pests distressing, they can also bring other problems with them, such as disease as well as causing damage to the fabric of buildings and the land.
If you find yourself in this situation you need a humane, quick and efficient treatment! For some pest problems, shop bought treatment and remedies are just not good enough which is why you need a qualified, experienced pest control firm such as Keith Perks & Son Pest Control:

  • A comprehensive onsite survey to assess the pest problem
  • Advice on the best  course of treatment
  • Perform the treatment, monitoring the results over the required period of time
  • Prevention advice so future problems can be avoided or minimised

Domestic & Commercial pest control for families, pets and environment friendly pest control, contact us today!
Qualified for your peace of mind!

  • Specialist mole catchers that includes humane removal of the problem
  • Members of the British Association of Shooting & Conservation (BASC)
  • Fully insured with firearms cover up to £10million as well as public liability insurances
  • All our work is guaranteed
  • Compliant and certified
  • Members of the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA)

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