Carpet Beetle Control & Removal in Cornwall

Common pests, usually found outdoors

There are many types of carpet beetle but the two most common are the black 'fur' beetle and the varied carpet beetle which is oval in shape, with mottled brown, grey and cream, resembling a lady bird in shape.

The larvae of carpet beetles are known as woolly bears, as they are hairy and brown in colour, with accompanying tail bristles too. The adult female will produce about a hundred white eggs, placing them in small cracks and crevices.

After 4 weeks or so, these eggs will hatch with a woolly bear emerging from each but, they are hungry; hence, they begin their food foraging exhibitions and, depending on temperature, heat and food available can take between 60 and 70 days to develop into a beetle. Flying away in search of pollen, nectar and egg laying sites you can be left with holey carpets and more eggs waiting to hatch.

Like many modern-day pest problems, the reason why carpet beetles have increased in prominence is not from poor hygiene or cleanliness but rather through the additional of central heating within our homes. The eggs, larvae and beetles subsequently enjoy the heat!

With a known lifecycle, the successful treatment and eradication of carpet beetles relies on the breaking of this cycle which an experienced, trust and qualified pest controller such as Pest Control Cornwall will know.

If you think you have carpet beetles or are unsure what is causing the problem, call us to arrange an onsite survey.

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