Fox Control & Removal in Cornwall

Foxes are common in the countryside, performing an important predatory role in keeping the population of other animals under control.

However, we live far differently today in villages, towns and cities than we did many years ago and the urban fox is a common visitor to domestic gardens. With young to feed, they foxes will look for a ready and regular food supply which they invariably find in our bins and compost bins.

Apart from the nocturnal noises of knocking bins lids off and rummaging in the contents, the vixen has a mating call that is far from pleasant, but incredibly loud.

On one hand, watching foxes in your garden is a delight but when it starts to become a nuisance you need some pest control help.

Foxes are relocated away from towns and cities, and back to their natural habitat – woodlands, forests and the countryside. If you are finding the nocturnal urban fox is becoming a nuisance, call us for help and advice.

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