Moth Control & Removal in Cornwall

There are various types of moths in the UK

The ones that invade our homes, eating chunks out of carpets, clothing, soft furnishing and clothes are known as 'clothes moths' or, by it correct name tineola biselliella. These moths do not fly towards the light; they would rather spend their time, hidden in dark nooks and crannies, waiting for the opportunity to breed and then feed on clothes etc.

The adult female, silvery brown in colour and around a centimetre in length, lays her eggs in the fibre of clothing. Looking like small grains of rice, she can lay around 40 eggs over a three week period before she dies. Males live far longer, often through a full life cycle.

These eggs however are the real issue; hatching after only a few days, they can spend up to 2 years munching on any natural fibres they can find – from pure wool carpets through to designer clothes. With expensive taste, they can eat through silk, sheepskin, cashmere and wool in no time at all.

At one time, clothes moths tended to be a problem in the summer months but with the advent and addition of central heating in homes across the country, they can now be found all year round.

And the answer is...

Moths breed and generally lurk in small, dark, hard-to-reach places and so a deep clean is an essential part of any pest eradication treatment. Once we have performed a comprehensive assessment, we can advise you further on the best course of treatment which may involve the use of an insecticide chemical, as well as advice on how to prevent problems in the future.

If you have noticed whole or patches in your clothes, carpets or curtaining, call us here at Pest Control Cornwall to arrange an onsite visit.

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