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What is a pest?

Pests are when insects, animals and birds are unwelcome and unwanted visitors; they can be inside or outside of a property and can be found in a variety of places, from the roof space of a church, the lounge of a family homes, farm land or on land surrounding stately homes.

What makes for effective pest treatment?

Some pests can be eradicated, occasionally in one simple, effective treatment such as wasps.

Other pests take a little more perseverance such as fleas. These pesky bugs unfortunately, by the time they are spotted as a problem, can have a tight grip on your soft furnishings! They need a combination of hard-hitting chemical treatments and what is known in the pest control business as a 'deep clean' – in other words, cleaning into the smallest nook and cranny.

Some other pests can only have their numbers controlled, along with other measures that discourage them from visiting your property or land. Birds are an excellent example of this. Their presence on buildings from roosting through to nesting quickly causes damage, which is expensive to repair. By investing in preventative measures, these types of pests will not be able to access or use your property. Pest Control Cornwall in Falmouth has long term relationships with many business clients, to control and prevent pest infestations. We also understand for many businesses, pest control is a sensitive issue, hence we offer a discreet service.

Whatever the pest and wherever it is, we can help! Call us for a fast response and effective solutions in Falmouth & Penryn and surrounding areas of Flushing, Mylor Bridge, Constantine & Mawnan Smith.

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