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Need a local pest control company in Liskeard? Look no further as you have found one of the best!

What pests do you deal with?

We deal with all manner of pests from small pesky bugs through to birds, as well as various animals. However, there are also times when some pests are unidentifiable; for example, you may have found eggs or larvae that you unsure which insect they are. We can identify these, hence making sure we use the right treatment to kill the right bug.

Where can you deal with pests?

Pests can be found inside properties, whether that is your home or business. Insect infestations, for example, can occur in the home, hiding in beds, soft furnishings, curtains, furniture and many other places.

They can also cause problems outside too, from the nocturnal rummaging of the local urban foxes through to the noise and mess created by birds nesting on roof tops.

Other outdoor pests can find their way inside buildings, such as squirrels in roof spaces of homes, churches and other cavernous lofts.

Who we are...

We can deal with any pest in any location! Working locally in Liskeard on a frequent basis, we offer a quick response time to your call, as well as an emergency response should the problem be severe.

Our comprehensive pest control service is fully insured and guaranteed, so if you have a pest control problem, simply call us to access our emergency pest controls service or to arrange an onsite survey at a date and time that suits you.

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