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What are the signs of pest infestations?

It varies depending on which pest is present but, as a rule of thumb, you have a pest problem then you feel it is interrupting you daily living and use of you property – whether that is your home, your garden, your business premises and surrounding land.

What causes pest problems?

Again, without knowing the specific pest it is difficult to give a comprehensive answer but generally the built environment forces some animals away from their natural habitat and in to ours. Likewise the weather can impact on animals and insects too; flooding, for example, will force rats from underground and possibly into gardens and properties. How we live too, has changed; modern inventions such as central heating, although heating our homes for us, have also created a perfect mini-ecosystem for bugs to thrive.

How do I get rid of pests?

Many customers try shop-bought remedies, with mixed success. If you want quick and effective relief from your pest problem, calla local, trusted, experienced and qualified pest control firm.

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