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Why do pest problems occur?

There are many reasons:

Many decades ago, some pests were not as prevalent as they are today. The reason why some have become more common is that our lifestyles habits have changed; the advent of central heating, for example, have made our homes not only warmer for us, but for some unwanted visitors too!

Weather and climate can also contribute; as we seem to have more extreme weather episodes, animals, birds and, to a certain extent, insects have to take evasive action, just like we do. Flooding for example, can cause rats to move away from river banks, making their way to outbuildings, sheds and possibly, your cellar!

The built environment can also add to the woes of some animals; moles, for example, naturally live in woodland and do not choose to leave in gardens and bowling greens! Occasionally, as they add new tunnels to their existing labyrinth, they encroach into areas that are bordered by concrete; hence, their molehills appear in places they are not wanted.

If you have a pest problem, in or outside your property, Pest Control Cornwall in Wadebridge, Little Petherick, Polzeath, Rock, St Eval, St Minver, Trebetherick, Camelford, Davidstow, Lanteglos-by-Camelford, Otterham, Tresinney, Delabole, Trebarwith, Westdowns, Tintagel, Bossiney, Trewarmett, Boscastle, Lesnewth, Trevalga & Port Isaac have the answers to have you pest free in no time! Working with both domestic and commercial customers, we fully insure and guarantee all our work – call us to arrange a visit!

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