Rabbit Control & Removal in Cornwall

Rabbits are everywhere!

Driving in the picturesque Cornish countryside, you will see many wild rabbits on the grass verges and hopping across fields. In small, controlled number they play a part on the balance of nature, with their numbers kept in check by predators such as foxes but, their numbers can soon escalate.

Prolific breeders, their population can explode within weeks which for farmers, as well s other landowners can be a nightmare scenario.

Burrowing animals, the 'pot holes' they leave behind can cause a nasty twisted ankle for us, as well as expensive vet bills for those with an injured horse as a result of 'falling' in a burrow. They are also animals who constantly gnaw and graze, with farmer's crops facing a constant onslaught that, on occasions, whole crops can be decimated.

There are a variety of solutions, treatments and preventative methods that we can use. Once we have performed a comprehensive assessment of the situation, we can advise on short term but immediate solutions, as well as look to longer term preventative measures.

Don't let rabbits ruin your land; call us to find out how we can help.

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