Squirrel Control & Removal in Cornwall

Who doesn't like to watch squirrels scamper about in the park, looking for food and scrabbling up trees?

Watching them in their natural habitat is great but when they get into roof spaces, they are not only unwelcome visitors, they are noisy too!

Like rats and mice, squirrels are gnawing animals which unfortunately mean they will cause damage to items in your roof which are structurally important. Not only will they compromise the strength of the wood roof trusses, they have been known to gnaw through electrical cabling too. The results of this are obvious – the fire risk is huge and so if you think you have squirrels in your roof space, call us NOW!

Squirrels are a year round problem, but most people find them in their lofts or in the roof spaces of buildings such as churches in the late autumn and winter; once again, just like humans, squirrels look for warm, dry, safe places to make their nests.

Grey squirrels need to be controlled to reduce the infection of our native red squirrel with squirrel pox. Squirrel pox is disease that the greys carry but are not affected by.

Think you have a family of squirrels in your roof space? Call us for humane pest control methods.

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