Vermin Control in Cornwall

What is vermin?

Vermin is a generic term given to any insect, animal or bird that not only causes damage but can, in many cases, spread disease. They are unwelcome and unwanted 'visitors' that, for a variety of reasons, become vast in number. As a result, some pests can wipe out whole crops, for example or, for those insects that invade our homes, can soon make the premises unliveable.

They come in all shapes and sizes but need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Some pests require specialist treatments with specific methods or chemicals.

It is important to stress that pests are not created by or attracted to unhygienic conditions! Many customers are embarrassed to 'admit' they have a pest problem or an infestation. Pests, just like humans, are attracted to warm, dry places to make their homes and with a convenient food supply close by, all the better!

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