Woodworm Treatments & Control in Cornwall

Woodworm is an insect, rather than a worm, and can cause damage to wooden furniture, floors as well within the building's structure.

You are unlikely to see a wood-boring insect, with the larvae being minute too but what you will see is the results of their burrowing – small holes in furniture and across the wood.

Emerging in summer, woodworm can be unwittingly introduced within your property by the additional of a piece of furniture but beetles can also fly into the house or property. Preferring damp wood, woodworms can be found in damp floorboards, old furniture and in the rafters which is why it is essential if you have a leak within your property that you get it fixed as soon as possible.

They are also slow-acting insects and so by the time you spot the problem, they will be firmly rooted within the furniture or flooring etc. Treatments for woodworm are relatively simple and so rather than just throw items away, why not contact Pest Control Cornwall to arrange a comprehensive on-site survey to determine the extent of the problem, as well as the best course of action?

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