Ant Control & Removal in Cornwall

Ants are common in the UK, often living unnoticed and without problem under the ground we walk on.

Capable of carrying 100 times their own body weight, ants in small numbers are not seen as a problem, mainly because, unlike some other insects, they do not carry disease.

Common in summer, ants spend the winter underground with any ant venturing out in winter unlike to survive long in the cold temperatures. You will start to notice ants from the spring onwards, probably disappearing from view around September.

The head of the ant colony, the queen ant, is the lynchpin and all the ants you see scuttling around are instructed to do one thing – to find food for the queen. If you feel you have an ant problem, you should try and follow the ant back to its original destination – you may then find in a small crack in the garage, other outbuildings or even within the home the queen ant.

Intelligent insects, ants will explore all manner of places to find food for their queen. This can happen within the home but, if you are noticing more ants than usual, call us.

After a thorough assessment, we can advise on the best course of treatments and you will once again soon be ant free – within the spaces you need to be anyway!

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