Rat & Mice Control & Removal in Cornwall

Possibly the most detested of pests and the two creatures that cause a huge amount of distress and disgust.

Both mice and rats carry disease, a small bacterium that live naturally in their gut but if we come into contact with it by touching their urine, can make us seriously ill. Once common among sewer workers, Veil's Disease is back on the increase.

Rats and mice like warm, secluded and draught free places to make their nests and raise their young. With a food supply close by – your bin or compost heap for example, they will move in and soon begin to multiply.

Stripping and tearing material, cardboard and anything else they can find, they will first make a cosy nest; from this they will start having their litters. They reproduce several times a year, with a rat becoming mature enough to breed within 8 weeks.

This ability to reproduce quickly and in larger numbers means that a small problem can soon explode into a large one.


There are a wide variety of treatment and methods available, however as they are vermin, it is not morally correct to release them. Customers often worry about the use of chemicals but here at Pest Control Cornwall we ensure that all treatments are pet and family friendly, as well as humane.

For commercial customers, eradication of rats and mice completely is not possible but tight control and management is. We offer a range of contracts for ongoing management of pests.

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