Bird, Pigeon & Seagull Control & Proofing in Cornwall

Birds are all around us, in very large numbers and like all other insects and animals, perform vital functions in our fragile eco-system, such as the dispersal of seeds across the land, so that plants grow and spread.

But, when they roost and nest on or around your property, birds such as pigeons and seagulls can be a real nuisance:

  • Seagulls as we know can be aggressive and protective parents over their young, frequently dive bombing and swopping as they fledglings learn to fly as they hope around your garden in the car park of your business.
  • Pigeons roosting on building in large numbers can cause massive problems to the fabric of the building.

All birds, not just pigeons and seagulls, when they land on buildings (as well as when they fly) defecate on a regular basis. This substance can not only be harmful to human health, but eats away at the facade of your property, as well as making a large mess.

Noise levels of large flocks of birds can also be intolerable but you will be pleased to know that Pest Control Cornwallcan help you!

With a range of bird proofing techniques and methods, birds are prevented from landing on your property – netting and spikes for example, are humane methods of preventing this as well as additional methods that prevent nest building. Call us to find out more.

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