Bedbug Treatments & Control in Cornwall

Bedbugs need to be treated correctly, or they will simply reappear

Bedbugs are common in some situations but again, like many other infestations, it must be emphasised that bedbugs are not the result of poor hygiene and cleanliness within the home and there is no need for embarrassment at 'admitting' you have bedbugs – but, they do need to be treated correctly, or they will simply reappear.

Bedbugs were not as common decades ago as they are now; what has changed is the transient nature of modern-day population. WE move around far more, taking holidays both in and outside of the UK, as well as simply being able to move about the country more.

Bedbugs are opportunistic and love all around us. They will scuttle into bags and suitcases, and when they arrive home, soon make our carpets, soft furnishings, bedding etc as their home. Enjoying the dampness, the warmth and the nocturnal food supply – YOU! – they have a comfortable home.

Think you may have bedbugs? Look for lentil shaped discs on or in your mattress and bites on you that are in a line. Pest Control Cornwall are more than able to rid you of bedbugs, as well as offering comprehensive advice on all aspects of the treatment from hot-washing bedding to deep clean within crevices of bed frames.

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