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Pests can be anything from buzzing insects, to rodents to the wildlife that encroaches on 'our' space.

If you feel you have a pest control problem, then you need to choose the right pest control firm to deal with it:

Are they qualified?

The majority of pest control firms will have operatives that have various qualifications, some in specialist areas of pest control such as mole-catching or bird proofing. This way you know they have the basic grounding in being able to use chemicals and various methods to leave you effectively pest free.

Check insurances

Being insured is essential in pest control due to the methods, equipment and chemicals being used. Likewise, many companies like Pest Control Cornwall in Hayle offer guarantees for their work, a handy clause for the customers to fall back on.

How do they work to solve your pest problem?

You do not want a firm that simply turns up, lays poisons or traps and then leaves. You need a pest control firm that offers a comprehensive service, from the initial onsite survey right through to monitoring the success of the pest control method or treatment being used.

We offer these services to all businesses and homes in Hayle and much more! If you have a pest control problem and you need help from a trusted local professional firm, call us today!

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