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Pests are at best a nuisance that need dealing with, at worst they are insects, rodents and birds that not only cause damage but spread diseases too.

But how do you know if the pest control company you call can actually deal with the problem?

Here at Pest Control Cornwall in St. Ives we know the answer!

  • Look for a company that not only insures all of its work and staff members but also guarantees their work
  • Opt for a pest control firm that consistently offer customers quick and effective response, for those emergency pest situations
  • Only deal with pest control firms that are qualified as well as active members of the variety of trade associations. This means that their knowledge and practice will be up-to-date
  • Ask the firm if all treatments and methods they use are humane, as well as pet, environment and family friendly
  • Check if they trap and relocate pests where possible, rather than extermination
  • Ask the firm if they deal with both domestic and commercial customers
  • And finally, your chosen pest control firm should deal with ALL pests, both in and outside the home or property

You have found the right pest control firm and working locally in St Ives! We tick all the right boxes and, as a trusted, reputable pest control firm, we work in and around St Ives as well as across Cornwall. Call us to find out more!

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